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Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair is the most recent addition to Donjon Marine's family of services. Founded in 1964, Donjon Marine's principal business activities include marine salvage, dredging, marine transportation, recycling, demolition, heavy-lift, and other related services. Today, Donjon Marine's controlled expansion into related businesses such as shipbuilding & ship repair, are a natural progression and parallel our record of solid technical and cost-effective performance. Donjon Marine continues to diversify in response to the ever-changing marine market, while at the same time building on its original core focus of marine salvage, dredging, and marine transportation.

Continuing into the 21st century and beyond, our focus remains on technology and the development of new market venues, while successfully servicing our domestic and international client base one customer at a time.


220 E. Bayfront Parkway, Erie, PA 16507   ·   Phone: (814) 455-6442   ·   Fax: (814) 455-8121
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